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25 Things Service Businesses Can Sell Online

In today’s world, it is easy to sell your physical goods online known as eCommerce. You simply list your products and people will place an order and that’s it. But the question is, for people running service businesses. What are those things they can exchange online for cash?

So, if you run a service business, where you provide services to customers or clients instead of tangible products then figuring out what to sell online before now was not always easy to come by for your business model.

But the good news is, even if you are a consultant, designer or coach, or if you run a digital agency, restaurant, landscaping service or other service businesses, you can sell online with a shopping cart. 

Just bring in some level of innovation and package your service to meet universal appeal by clearly describing it and slam a price tag on it.

Here are twenty-five things you can sell Online as a service provider, that You Might Not Have Thought Of even when you don’t have a physical item to sell:

Training Courses

If you have demonstrable expertise in a particular trade or specific area, you package it and sell in the form of training courses. you can basically sell your knowledge by creating a training course to others that need it.

Training platforms such as Teachable, Skillshare, and Udemy all make it very easy to sell training in anything. You can teach anything from cooking lessons to information marketing to Six Sigma principles.  

Here are some examples:

Subscriptions to Your Service

One of the ways to earn recurrently is to turn your offering into a subscription-based service. It will ensure monthly earnings from your service business which will, in turn, give you a regular ongoing revenue stream.

All you have to do to engage your customers or clients into a subscription business is to think outside the box.  For instance, instead of selling a one-off training or consulting services, you might provide a mentoring experience or private online medium where you render assistance for members.

Another way is to create a series of members-only resources for subscribers on an interval.  In other words, instead of rendering one-to-one services, you can make it into a one-to-many kind of services.

Coaching Sessions

Making your coaching services available and accessible online can you up to potential students.

All you have to do is to repackage your sessions into 15-minute, 30-minute or 60-minute increments.  Then Include an appointment booking request form on your website so that clients can book a session instantly, including a payment gateway to enable them to pay for sessions.

Thereafter, you can use a video service such as Zoom or Skype or Google Hangouts to deliver the coaching session.

A tiered approach to learning works well — e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced. The clientele will aim at completing the tiers in sequence, thus affording you with repeat business.


If you wish to have a more structured one-on-one approach for your services. then, you can offer in-person or virtual consultations with clients on a variety of related subjects.

Acuity or Calendly, a scheduling tool will allow your customers to book some blocks of time with you.

Then based on their schedule, you will help them with business, provide business support and advice, or provide whatever kind of guidance that falls within your niche.

Research Reports

For those whose business involves performing professional research, or gathering of collected data in your industry. you may want to monetize it by selling research reports online, simply compile your findings into a report and then offer it as a digital eBook or guide.

Research reports are highly valued by organizations and individuals making business decisions. You can use sites like RnR Market Research or Savio to gain visibility for your reports.

An ideal example of a company currently selling research work as a subscription-based business is emarketer.com.

The data in question may not even be created by you. Just pick a set of data and make it valuable by giving an in-depth analysis of the industry trends, or government statistics.

Website Domain

Website domain flipping is another way service business can earn more money online. Your website domain become yours once you purchased it. Which means you can decide to sell it. So, if you are into web development you can buy domains just for the purpose of reselling them.

Also, whether you’d purchased a domain before and no longer have a need for it or you want to build a business around it, all you need to do is to display a message or banner on your website home page listing the domain for sale. You can even use marketplaces like Sedo or Flippa to find likely buyers.

Website Themes and Templates

In today’s fast-paced environment, there is a huge demand for businesses to have websites. This has increased the demand for website themes and templates built for content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

In order for people to create beautiful websites, themes are needed and anyone with some knowledge in coding or programming can create customizable templates for WordPress or Drupal or Joomla and then offer them for sale. You can use dedicated marketplaces like WP Shop or Etsy to sell.

Also, you must not be a Web designer or developer to sell themes. A business consultant, for example, can sell business templates. 

Find below some examples of templates sold by service providers for additional revenue stream:

  • Website templates through ThemeForest.net
  • Business templates by LifePlan.com
  • Resume templates by Inkpower
  • Event planning in a kit


Assessments especially the short initial ones are basically services business owners provide for free to clients as part of their marketing strategy. It usually starts with questionnaires which also involve customized evaluations. 

While this is often used for marketing as earlier stated, you can structure it and provide a more in-depth assessment which will come with a price tag.

In this regard, the assessment report will now become a product offering, as against just a marketing technique. 

For example, in the sporting world, golf swing assessments are being sold by the Physical Therapy and Performance Centers.

25 Things Service Businesses Can Sell Online that They Might Not Have Thought Of - Business Ideas for Small Businesses

Videos Content

Do you have a demonstrable skill? If yes… chances are that someone somewhere in the world is in need of what you know and wants to learn it too.

YouTube, in particular, has made it easier for people to earn revenue. All that is required is for you to produce original videos and monetize them through ads using their platform. YouTube will then split the revenue with you.

Vimeo, on the other hand, allows you to create videos on demand, where you charge a fee for your video. Vimeo gets 10 percent of the revenue for using their platform while you keep the remaining 90 percent.

Also, you could create a pay-per-view business type model or subscription base that gives access to monthly videos.  For example, Netflix offers three-level premium subscription services that enable you to have access to their movies and TV shows for a month. Digital Marketer videos are offered for a flat fee as part of its training courses.

Similarly, business enterprises may need video footage to boost their own video marketing techniques or for business presentations.

Shutterstock, a stock photo sites has a marketplace for video content where individuals and companies get videos for their projects. Also, sites like VideoHive and Motion Array offers video-specific content.


If you can develop desktop or mobile apps, then this is great for you. Simply sell your apps on platforms like the Apple Store, Google Play store, or specific marketplaces like Salesforce and Shopify.


For those who are Photographers or love taking pictures, you can turn your images or passion into a passive income by offering them on sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images or Adobe Stock, where bloggers and businesses can purchase your images for a token.


Music or sound effects are always in demand by video or audio content creators to boost their own content. So, instrumentalists, musicians or sound effect artists using sites like Royalty Exchange or AudioJungle to sell the rights to their songs or similar content.

Printable Workbooks

Another excellent way to share your demonstrable expertise is to produce printable workbooks and cheat sheets by designing downloadable PDF files.

Then you can sell and deliver them to your clienteles via email or direct download using a sales funnel.

PayLoads and SendOwl are great marketplaces you can also use to sell your digital downloads.

25 Things Service Businesses Can Actually Sell Online to compliments their services that They Might Not Have Thought Of.

Healthy Meal or Workout Plans

This will specifically come handy for those battling with health-related issues. People will generally tend toward guides that are specific to a particular problem.

So, if you are a nutritionist or an experienced personal trainer, you could produce a customized meal plan or workout plans for people looking to make those changes.

Access to Events Service Business

In today’s world, People are always on the lookout for special events. You can help sell tickets to such events and concerts or other in-person events on events marketplaces like StubHub and Vivid Seats.

You can simply sell access to your own virtual webinars or special events using a virtual platform like Zoom or Skype.

Memberships Club

If you own a website and valuable content that people can pay a premium on. Then, turn a part of your website to a membership hub where you serve them your premium content because that’s extra valuable, people will pay a token to access it on a membership basis.

T-Shirt Designs Service Businesses

This business does not require you to sell your t-shirts physically in order to make money. All that is require is for you to create your designs and upload it on-site like Merch by Amazon and they’ll take care of the actual productions.

Printable Artwork

If you are an artist or designer, then you will like this one. turn your fancy artwork into digital PDF files and then list it for sale on your platform (website or blog) or marketplaces like Zazzle or Society6.

Access to Your Influence or Audience

If you have a reasonable number of dedicated followership either on your blog or social media channels, you can use influencer marketing campaigns to sell that influence to brands. platforms like Pepperjam and Intellifluence are places that give you an opportunity to market to relevant brands.

Digital Products

Digital products are anything from an app to software to e-books to designs. Any digital downloadable file that’s creatively packaged can be sold online.

Here is the shortlist of digital products to consider that you can sell online:

  • Whitepapers
  • Documents
  • Photographs
  • Graphics & digital art
  • Fonts
  • Audio & music
  • Patterns for crafts and clothing
  • Specialty clip art
  • Kindle e-books
  • Recipes
  • Etc.

Professional Services

Professional Services are, of course, not goods at all. Though, they are usually sold in the same method digital products are. It is simply you serving others with you specialize skill.

So, if you’re a graphic designer, web designer, virtual assistant, writer, Copywriter, editor, Translator or any other type of online service provider.

You can list your services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork where other businesses will engage you on a freelance basis.

Templates Service Business

You can sell templates on any subject provided it is helping others to solve a problem. These days, businesses are increasingly looking for templates to ease their work, people are on the lookout for templates for blog posts, speeches, reports, designs, or even website disclaimers.

You can offer them as downloadable PDFs or printable files. Theme Forest and Panda Doc offers a number of options for offering these types of products.

Photo Filters

If you have photo editing experience, then with Photoshop or Lightroom actions you can create amazing photo effects and offer them for sale on Etsy or FilterGrade.

Graphic Elements

Similarly, if you are good with designs you can sell fonts, stickers, emoji or other graphics that businesses or individuals can use in their own marketing or branding materials. You can showcase your graphics in front of potential customers using Sites like Graphic River and Creative Market

Selling Products Through Affiliate Marketing

Finally, you can sell online without creating a single product of your own. Just sell the digital products of third parties through what is known as an affiliate advertising program.  Once a successful sale is made through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

A typical example is the Amazon affiliate program, where you earn a commission for “selling” digital products such as ebooks (and physical books too) and MP3 downloads.  Other dedicated sites that offer similar services are sites like CJ.com, Clickbank and ShareaSale where you can find affiliate programs that fit your niche and audience.

Another example is the Expertnaire Affiliate Program, an affiliate marketing platform strictly for Nigerians that offer you the opportunity to earn massively on a weekly basis. You simply get paid for recommending high-value digital products from top experts.

You can watch this FREE video training on how to profit from Expertnaire platform in particular, and Clickbank, CJ, and Share-A-Sale in general.

Now, what about your business model? Are there any other things you know I omitted as a service business above that can be package creatively and sell online?

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