45 Lucrative Low-Cost Business ideas for small businesses

45 Lucrative Low-Cost Business Ideas For Small Businesses

Are you in need of some low-cost business ideas for small businesses with high-profit potential?

Then, stick around because this article is designed to wow you with profitable business ideas you can start today.

It is noted that every small business venture owner starts a business in order to turn a profit.

However, it can be very challenging to do so– particularly on the early stage of the business.

Moreover, you can still hope to create a successful business if you don’t have a lot of money or resources to get your business enterprise up and running. But you just need to select the right business idea.

Low-cost business ideas for small businesses with high-profit potential

Here are some low-cost business ideas for small businesses with high-profit potential you can choose from to get you started.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the low-cost business ideas for small businesses with high-profit potential because affiliate marketers simply refer to products and services owned by another company or brand and just earn a small portion of each sale.

So to start this business, you do not really require anything to get started. It may take you a long time to build up an audience that will, in fact, make you earn. But once you get started and hit your first sales. That’s it.

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Social Media Marketing

If you are good with social media management and advertising, you can offer your services as a social media marketing profession. In this case, your job is actually to create and schedule messages and media content for different brands.

Virtual Assistant Service

Virtual assistants help organizations, businesses, and individuals with everything from proposal writing to social media account management and publishing. You truly just need access to a computer system and internet connection to start. If you have particular skills, you can even earn more from it.

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Starting a blog generally, require that you buy a domain name and hosting. Then once you develop a following, you can make money by through affiliate links, sponsored content to brands, advertisement, and sales of digital products.

Digital Product Sales

Looking around the internet today, there are lots of digital products, from ebooks to workbooks to printable, that you can create without a lot of money and after that sell online for a profit.


This is where you offer your Writing skills to brands on a contractual basis. By simply offering copywriting Services for websites pages, product and services pages and even ads.

YouTube Video Creation

YouTube has made it possible for video creators to earn a part of the advertisement revenue being generated by their content. With just some basic video production equipment and amount of time, you can build up enough of a following to make a profit on that platform.

Digital Marketing

You can even get more general and offer a range of digital marketing solutions. This type of service business just really needs demonstrable knowledge or know-how and a reliable internet connection.

Web Design

Here you simply offer your websites designers skill to clients where you simply help them build websites. This is a contractual service to brands or individuals.

App Development

Mobile application advancement is also really sought-after right now. If you have the capability to establish apps, you can either develop your own or use your services to third party business.

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Online Influencer Service

Influencers partner with brands and businesses to share their opinions on services and products with their audience. If you have a sizeable following on social media or a blog site, this can be an easy way to bring in some money.

Niche Membership Website

If you have premium content and will like to charge a fee before releasing it, then create a membership site. where people pay a recurring fee on a monthly basis to have access to your content. This will ensure your audience keep coming back so long as they are getting value from you.  

Ebook Sales

You can write and publish an ebook for free on platforms like Amazon. Then all of the money you generate when you make sales is primarily pure profits.


Podcasting business model is similar to Video logging and blogging. but, the content is released in audio format. To start successfully, you will have to buy some set of equipment for its production. But generally, the total cost for set up is low.

Resume Service

If you have demonstrable experience assisting people to get lucrative jobs, there are plenty of job applicants who would happily spend for you to produce irresistible resumes and cover letters for them.

Online Course Sales

If you have expert knowledge on any specific subject, you can develop an online course and charge a flat fee for people to access the course and take it at their own time and pace.

IT Support

Tech-savvy people can also offer basic IT support to consumers. You can even use this service online or over the phone so you don’t require to pay for a physical location.

Business Consulting Services

Offer your services as a business consultant, where you provide insights and business guidance to other brands if you have the required business know-how and expertise.

Life Coaching

If you want to offer general aid for clients, start a life coaching business where you work with clients one-on-one, either personally or online.

Recruiting Services

Many business ventures might likewise employ the concept of help to discover and employ the right prospects for specific jobs. You can do most of this online. And businesses frequently pay a premium to hire services that can help them find high-level candidates.

Ecommerce Reselling

There are plenty of products you can purchase fairly inexpensively and then resell them at a profit if you desire to start an eCommerce company.

Real Estate Brokering

As a realty broker, you can make money on every sale you make and bring in extra agents that can increase your earnings much more.


Economically savvy people, you actually simply require a computer system and some accounting software to manage the books for multiple organisation clients.

Tax Prep

If you desire to earn high revenue in a short space of time, you can also assist individuals and businesses during the tax season.

Selling Stock Photography

Professional photographers, offer your pictures on stock photo websites to earn some passive income. All you require is an electronic camera and a computer system with an internet connection.

Event Photography

You can also provide your services on photographing special occasions. People are often going to pay a premium for things like wedding photography, Pre-wedding shoot, Special occasions, etc.

Meal Planning

Lots of consumers are really careful with their health and are prepared and mindful to pay for expert proficiency on things like meal plans. You can charge much more if you’re signed up as a dietician.

Personal Trainer

Or you might concentrate on fitness and work individually with people aiming to improve their exercises. Find a local fitness centre you can work with or consider creating exercise plans for individuals you interact with online.

Wedding or Occasion Planner

If you have strong organizational and preparation skills, you can start a wedding or occasion planning service without a physical office space. All that is required is strong work ethics.

Residential or Commercial Property Management

Even if you don’t have your own property to provide, you could begin a home management business where you assist the homeowner in your area handle their occupants.

Home and Office Cleaning

Starting a cleaning service truly simply needs some basic products and transport. You can work with both property owners and companies and ideally build some recurring clients.

Automobile Cleaning

Or you could concentrate on cleansing cars and trucks. People are frequently happy to pay decent rates for full detailing car cleaning services.

Catering Services

If you wish to start a food company, catering can be fairly economical, since you simply require a kitchen. However, not a dining area. You can also charge a premium for certain types of occasions.

Food Truck Operation

This is a fast-growing business. Food trucks are likewise fairly affordable to get up and running– at least for food services. And you can make a fair quantity by targeting special occasions and high traffic locations.

House Remodeling

Provide your services to homeowners looking to redesign their spaces if you have experience as a professional or handyman.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping can be another profitable endeavour because you actually just need some fundamental equipment and transport.

Recycling Service

You do not require much of anything to begin your own recycling service– generally simply a truck or van. You can charge people to pick up electronics or other items that are often tough to recycle or get rid of.

Electronics Repair Service

For those who are knowledgeable with electronic devices, start a service where you fix individual’s cracked phone screens or malfunctioning laptop computers.

Reconditioned Electronics Sales

Or you could acquire people’s broken electronic devices at an affordable rate, then recondition them and offer them at a profit.

At Home Senior Care

Lots of seniors require help with daily jobs, from cooking and cleaning to running errands. Start an in-home care service and build up a base of recurring customers.

Childcare Service

People likewise pay a premium for quality childcare these days. When you can even begin a daycare service where you care for numerous kids at.

Test Prep Service

For those who are well-informed on a specific school topic, you can charge a good amount to help high school or college students get ready for specific tests, or examination.

Call Center Operation

Running a call centre might need a bit more startup costs than others on the list. But you can run some small customer support operations from another location. And many companies are willing to pay a premium to have their customer service operations located close by.

Travel Planning Service

Though the travel agency company has gone through some changes in the last few years, you can still provide preparation and consulting services to companies and large groups without a lot of overhead.

Tour Guide Service

Or if you live in a location that’s popular with travellers, you can provide a tourist guide service or even sell guide books geared towards specific activities.

Now, you have a list of some low-cost business ideas for small businesses with high-income potential. which of them will you like to get started with or which are you currently running? let know your thoughts in the comment section.

Are there any other low-cost business ideas for small businesses you know I omitted in the list above that you believe should be part of this list? let’s get to hear you at the comment section.

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