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21 Most Profitable Business Ideas for 2019

Are you in need of some profitable business ideas you can start with minimal capital and make a killing of it? Well, this article is tailored to share with you 21 of the most profitable business ideas you can start almost immediately with little capital required.

Based on experience, it is seen that some small businesses are essentially more lucrative than others. This is generally cause by the fact that on the one hand, expenses are high and in some the overhead cost is always low. This is always as a result of businesses charging so much money for its services or products.

Irrespective of this, all business ventures no matter how lucrative they are always encountered a difficult start.

A lot of people usually get confused as to which startup business idea is suitable or best for them as startups. But I must say that any business idea can blossom for startup if the person is passionate about it. It will be difficult to succeed in any business idea you do not have passion in.

The bottom line is that you must bring your skill, passion and creativity into any business Idea to make it successful. With the application of the three attributes, success is guaranteed.

So as you startup with any business idea it is essential you bring in some level of creativity and implement to accelerate your business success.

Without adding value and creativity in your business will definitely decrease the rate of success in it.

So, this article is mark to discuss about 21 of the most profitable business ideas you can start almost immediately.

1. Business Consulting

A lot of businesses nowadays are investing in quality business consultants who knows their onions and can help in achieving the needed Business goals and results.  These businesses are ready to pay substantial amount to get the right. They’re also willing to pay hefty amounts for the right information, which when placed side-by-side with low overhead cost, makes business consulting a lucrative business to embark on.

Also, to become an effective business consultant, you need to acquire a sound business acumen and industry knowledge. Which implies that the business is not necessarily the right opportunity for everyone.

2. Marketing Consultancy or Services

Marketing services is a good business idea to consider if you are good at marketing and talking with new clients. Businesses and organizations will always want a quality marketing team behind them to boost brand awareness and bring those results.

profitable business ideas in 2019

Marketing agencies will charge loads for their services and because of evolving remote technology and therefore the web, advertising efforts may be done remotely, keeping overhead low and profits high.

You must be an expert in the marketing field because it’s highly competitive, selling other people’s products will be a big task if you don’t know marketing techniques and in order to be successful you’ll have to show you can deliver results. But, if you are marketing expert then, this will be one of the best profitable business ideas to start your own business.

3. Start Online Business

Starting an online business is one of the profitable business ideas you can start almost immediately and it’s the easiest way to generate a good amount of income. You just need to focus on your product quality, marketing strategy and shipping services or Affiliate marketing.

It is a straight forward and dedicated business model that is done with a dedicated effort. If you have any type of physical or digital products then, it is a good place to start an online business

4. Online Tutoring

You might be a genius in demystifying Facebook Ads, an e-commerce genius, or expert in affiliate marketing. Whatever your skills may be, offering online tutoring can be a great way to earn an income with exceptionally low expenses.

The only obstacle to online tutoring… You need to have a skill others will want to learn!

5. Courier Business

If you have the flair for service delivery and have good communication and customer service skills then, you can start courier business in your town. Except for the outlay of your vehicle to deliver the goods, self-employed couriers don’t have large overhead

To get lucrative contracts from the major courier firms like DHL, FedEx and Other big Courier Carries can prove profitable. You have to ensure you have competent workers and reliable van with worthy driver. You will get good income once you established your business in your area.

However, in a competitive market, to get awarded with lucrative contracts can be challenging.

6. Catering Services

Catering services has been recently regarded as one of the most profitable business ideas for small business owners to venture into. You don’t need expensive premises to run your own catering business.  It requires a small space, cooking staff with cooking utensils, tools and sets.

You can even operate your business from home, thereby keeping overhead low. People and businesses are prepared to engage quality caterers, making this business very lucrative for people who work hard and have determine to succeed.

Also, you can even start it in form of collaboration and scale up from there. All you need is to start marketing, acquire customers and deliver high-quality, hygiene and tasty food.

7. Web Design Services

With the changing world, websites are now the ‘windows of every successful business’, therefore quality and creative website designers remain in high demand. Again, low expenses and high rates make web design a lucrative business to run, providing you have the creative and technical know-how that is!

8. Accounting Business

Accounting services is one of the most profitable business ideas in today’s world. This is because new entrant into the business world require this services in other to setup a proper accounting system for the startup business.

If you acquire the basic knowledge in the field of bookkeeping then, you can start local business from your home or office.

But if you’re not good with numbers, bookkeeping, preparation of tax documents and keeping their finances up-to-date, it simply means this line of business is not for you.

9. Ecommerce Business

Are you passionate about importation business or talented in making or manufacturing home made products? Do you want to sell it online? Then, e-commerce business is the perfect business for you.

Also, you can sell other people’s products on your online store through dropshipping. Just buy products at wholesale rate and sell it with good profit margin.

10. Man With a Van

If you have a van and time on your side then you have a business at your disposal. This business requires that you help people make delivery, with almost no expenses other than ensuring that your van is roadworthy.

So, you simply help people move and deliver items, move home luggage, drop students and other professional business work in your van which is an effective way to earn an income

Does it have a downside? Of course yes… it is highly competitive in nature, so make sure your delivery services stand out.

11. Car cleaning services

Do you have expertise in providing affordable car cleaning services? Then, this is one of the best profitable business ideas with low investment to consider.

It can be easily done by anyone with passion for car cleaning and can serve as a side business.

So, if you are seeking any low investment with high profit business returns then car cleaning services business is ideal for you.

12. Cleaning Services

This business involves industrial cleaning. The basic requirement to start includes a vacuum, polish floor cleaner and, preferably, a car. With moderately low overhead cost, this is a service-based business that is always in demand and requires a little training. It is a very profitable business to venture into.  

So why isn’t everyone involved in it? Well, if you’re looking for a more creative way to make a living, cleaning business might not be for you.

13. Healthy Fast Food Delivery Business

People generally loves fast food because it something you take on the go but recently a lot of people especially the millennial are ignoring fast food because of its quality and unhealthy ingredients.

So, if you are passionate about starting a fast food business you will want to consider few things like quality ingredient and taste, hygiene, and fat free condiments. You can decide to create an exceptional brand for yourself.

14. Professional Gardening

It is of note that the world is evolving, thereby population and pollution is dramatically growing day by day. Gardening is vigorous and gratifying work which entail an element of innovation and creativity. People always prefer a location that is greenish in nature.

Also, many people are addicted to having separate garden around their residential area. Which implies that decent gardeners will always be in demand.

Though, gardeners need numerous tools for their business, overhead is relatively low, making gardening one of the most profitable business.

The downside of the business is that you may have to spend some time and money advertising your services.

15. Recruitment Business

Everyday graduates, professionals, and all forms of unemployed people are unanimously searching for the right jobs. In the same vein, most companies and business organizations are also in search of the right candidates to hire for their vacant positions. So, if you have the require skills and knowledge for career services, why not start a job board where you become the bridge between job seekers and companies looking to fill their vacancies.

However, you must have good communication skill, grounded in talent management, and understand client requirements and able to handle man power. You can get started with highly experienced person who have been in the industry.

16. Food Truck

The demand for quality food and drink is always high even though it comes with expensive overhead. Also, running a restaurant is not always as profitable as you might think.

Therefore, the business of providing food from a food truck vendor on the other hand requires much lower overhead and can be seen as an extremely profitable business venture.

To make this business idea work as expected, you have to work hard and work smart.

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17. Sandwich Bar Business

Sandwich bar business is one of the evergreen profitable business ideas for all students, part-time workers and women. If you have expertise in delicious cooking then, starting a sandwich bar business in your local area is ideal for you.

Also, if you are a busy person or somehow shy then, you can employ people to help with outdoor delivery and to serve your sandwich to customers.

If you are gifted in providing scrumptious and decent sandwiches with custom made sauces then, considering this business idea will a great business opportunity for you.

18. Handyman Services

When there is a problem at home or office who do you think of first? Handyman! Which indicates that we all need this set of people around us. You’ll have to make contact and to connect with all types of handyman which includes plumbers, technicians, electricians, etc.

You may have to then create your own handyman service office and online website. Thereafter, you Start marketing and get clients.

Your job is to ensure time service to your clients. Which will necessitate your growth when your customers start rolling in positive reviews.

19. Soap Making Business

Soap and detergents are high selling items in the market. It has a very higher potential and selling rate. So, why not you start selling homemade soaps and detergents.

Don’t be shy to start any business because, once you get money you will forget about your work.

Business value, quality is of utmost importance for every business now a days. Money will come in automatically.

20. Designers Clothes Shop

Looking around your local area, you will get to see many type of mix clothes shops. But, to truly crave a brand for yourself in the clothing niche, you will have to choose one micro niche type for your clothes shop.

It will give you the opportunity to dwell on a certain type of customers.

This is one of the most profitable business ideas to start your own business. You just need to buy all designed clothes with wholesale rate and sell it on retail price at your shop.

21. Personal Training

Everyday people crave to be fitter, slimmer and healthier, which creates the demand for personal trainers (PTs). To start this business, you simply need to Earn a qualification in personal training which is not too expensive and once you’re professionally qualified,

You can then decide to offer your Personal Training services to individuals and organizations. Overhead is essentially low in this industry, making personal training one of the most profitable and sought-after business ideas.

That said, one of the biggest challenges personal training coaches faced is building up a network of clients in a very competitive environment.

So friends, these are the list of the 21 most profitable business ideas to start your own business. If you found this article helpful then, like this article and share with your friends.

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