Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer

150+ Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer And Get Paid For!

Providing various virtual assistant services is a great way to get started as a freelancer, develop your skills set and gain a deeper understanding of online entrepreneurship as a whole – all while providing a valuable service to your clients and making money in the process!

Who Is a Virtual Assistant?

A person who works from home and carries out certain administrative functions for clients. Virtual assistants (VAs) communicate with their clients via phone, instant messaging, e-mail, or some other collaborative software.”

Virtual assistants are not your regular 8-5 guys that sits in an ivory tower – they are real people completing challenging tasks.

What Does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant delivers various services to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location.

Their services range from digital marketing tasks, managing events, scheduling appointments to personal errands.

You can make a virtual assistant do practically anything. Here are my top 10 tasks that you can outsource to your virtual assistant:

  • Accounting or Bookkeeping
  • Managing emails
  • Social media tasks
  • Online Research
  • Database entries
  • Industry knowledge preparation
  • Data presentation
  • Travel research
  • Scheduling
  • Chasing business
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In addition to the above tasks, your virtual assistant can be used for, but not limited to:

  • Carry out research about your competitors
  • Transcribe your voicemails into text-based word document or emails
  • Translating your daily status report notes into the client specific status report format
  • Carry out follow up as required with sign-ups
  • Summarization of key emails coming from your clients and subcontractors
  • Making traveling arrangement

Not sure what to offer? Check out this list of 150+ services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant and get paid for!

Types of Virtual Assistant Services

Administrative Functions Support

Administrative Functions Support virtual assistant service

The administrative support function is a vital Virtual Assistant role. This will not just make your client’s life a lot easier, but it’s also a straightforward starting point for anybody who is familiar with administrative tasks.

1.      Managing calendar/schedule for your client’s

2.      Building or managing databases of contacts

3.      making reservations, booking appointments and calls

4.      Making travel arrangements

5.      Monitoring voicemail

6.      File management (in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

7.      Data entry

8.      Creating reports

9.      Generating forms

10.     Preparing slideshows

11.     PDF conversions

12.     PDF merging or splitting

13.     Drafting letters, emails, internal communication, etc.

14.     Preparing agendas

15.     Sending cards/gifts (for holidays, thank you’s, milestone events, etc.)

16.     Personal online shopping

17.     Setting up spreadsheets

18.     Drafting presentation slides

Customer Service


Customers services task take up a lot of time and attention. There are quite a few of these tasks that you can help take off your client’s plate.

19.     Processing orders and shipments

20.     Processing refunds

21.     Handling customer inquiries

22.     Operating live chat

23.     Following up on orders, inquiries, etc.

24.     Chasing outstanding payments

25.     Updating member records

26.     Inviting/approving requests to join a membership community (e.g. Facebook)

27.     Setting up/updating CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management)

Content Production

Content Production virtual assistant services

If your business client has an online presence, they have to on a regular basis create content. Content creation, especially for online business owners, is a task that is huge and time-consuming. And this is where you come in to save the day.

28.     Sourcing photos

29.     Editing photos

30.     Creating graphics

31.     Uploading posts

32.     Formatting posts to be published

33.     Scheduling posts for publication

34.     Improving posts with social share options (such as Click-to-Tweet)

35.     Adding internal links to posts

36.     Adding affiliate links to posts

37.     Proofreading posts

38.     Editing posts

39.     Coordinating with contributors and guest posters

40.     Managing the editorial calendar

41.     Generating topic ideas

42.     Drafting content

43.     Topic research

44.     Compiling, formatting and uploading ebooks

45.     Keyword (SEO) research

Social Media


Social media can be a great expansion for a Virtual Assistant looking to move beyond just administrative tasks.

46.     Setting up new pages, accounts, groups, etc.

47.     Promoting new posts across various social media channels

48.     Promoting old posts via social media

49.     Promoting posts of others via social media

50.     Keeping the conversation going via social media (by creating polls, for example)

51.     Sharing images/videos/articles

52.     Replying to mentions/messages/comments on social media

53.     Designing banners, headers and backgrounds

54.     Growing social media followings

55.     Creating giveaways and contests

56.     Researching popular hashtags for your client’s niche

57.     Creating and running ad campaigns (e.g. Facebook or Instagram ads)

58.     Uploading presentations on Slideshare or Prezi

59.     Setting up social scheduling tools (such as Buffer, Tailwind, Hootsuite or MeetEdgar)

60.     Uploading content to social scheduling tools

61.     Writing or updating online business profiles (e.g. LinkedIn)

62.     Managing online communities (such as Facebook groups or other online forums)

Blog/Website Management


Once you know your way around WordPress or other blogging platforms, you can offer blog management services, taking care of everything from SEO to comments to broken links.

63.     Moderating blog comments

64.     Updating plugins

65.     Repairing/updating broken links

66.     Replying to comments

67.     Making SEO improvements (headlines, page titles, content, images, etc.)

68.     Setting up 301 redirects

69.     Tracking 404 errors (via a plugin)

70.     Reporting trends in blog activity, such as hot topics or comment activity

71.     Removing unwanted pages and posts

72.     Tracking website metrics (e.g. Google Analytics)

Email Management


Most of us are astounded by our inboxes. Save your clients hours upon hours every week by taking care of their message inbox and leaving behind only the things they actually need to see.

73.     Setting up Gmail or any other email client

74.     Replying to common questions

75.     Flagging important messages that need a reply

76.     Following up on sent emails

77.     Deleting spam

78.     Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists

79.     Tagging and archiving emails

80.     Forwarding messages and inquiries to other team members

81.     Using email plugins to optimize

82.     Drafting responses



If you have a demonstrable knowledge in financial or maybe you are willing to learn some basic accounting skills, you can offer these services as well.

83.     Creating invoice templates

84.     Sending invoices

85.     Processing payments

86.     Managing affiliate payouts

87.     Updating a profit and loss statement

88.     Bookkeeping

89.     Handling basic payroll duties

Email Marketing

email-marketing-service-virtual assistant-services

Email marketing is another great niche that requires a bit of a specialized knowledge, but is fairly accessible once you learn the ropes.

As online marketing is booming, email marketing is becoming an even bigger market for Virtual Assistants.

90.     Setting up autoresponders

91.     Scheduling email campaigns

92.     Designing email templates

93.     Managing the newsletter

94.     Email list segmentation

95.     Scrubbing email lists

96.     Product launch management

97.     Track email campaigns (click through, conversions, unsubscribes)

Services Outreach


The act of building relationships with customers is something that several entrepreneurs know they need to be doing, but it can simply become a time suck. As their assistant, you can take on some of these tasks.

98.     Leaving comments on other blogs

99.     Contacting influencers and potential partners on behalf of your client

100.   Participating in relevant groups or forums

101.   Reaching out to advertisers for ads or sponsored posts

102.   Finding guest post opportunities

103.   Lead generation

104.   Growing and managing affiliate programs

105.   Setting up interviews

106.   Distributing press releases

107.   Booking speaking engagements

Online Marketing


Online marketing is a “hot topic” right now and the more you learn about this rapidly expanding niche, the more valuable your Virtual Assistant services will be.

108.   Setting up webinars

109.   Providing tech support during webinars

110.   Setting up and updating sales funnels

111.   Setting up/managing paid traffic ads

112.   Creating newsletters and autoresponder sequences

113.   Creating landing pages (e.g. Leadpages)

114.   Creating sales pages

115.   Creating and managing giveaways and promotions

116.   Writing product descriptions (if your client is in the business of online retail)

117.   Designing fliers and brochures

118.   Managing product launches

Audio/Video Production


If you’re into the production of videos or audio tracks such as podcasts, you are in a greater position to offer your audio/video skills as a Virtual Assistant!

119.   Writing scripts

120.   Producing content (such as intro/outros, illustrations, etc.)

121.   Editing content

122.   Upload videos to hosting platforms (such as YouTube or Vimeo)

123.   SEO optimization (YouTube, etc.)

124.   Uploading audio to hosting platforms (such as iTunes)

125.   Image editing (basic) for each audio or video piece

126.   Inserting audio or video files on blog or website

127.   Sharing audio or video files across platforms

128.   Doing audio or video transcription

129.   Coordinating interviews

130.   Looking for sponsorship opportunities

131.   Researching background on podcast guests

Website Maintenance


website maintenance is a very critical role, and it entails that you are up on the latest security procedures.

You’ll need to know enough to create new pages and troubleshoot tech glitches.

132.   Making security updates

133.   Managing backups

134.   Setting up new sites

135.   Adding new pages

136.   Customizing themes

137.   Installing and updating plugins

138.   Setting up integrations (with social media, mailing lists, etc.)

139.   Setting up and integrating a shop page and/or payment gateway

140.   Creating a custom favicon

141.   Making and installing a custom 404 page

142.   Ensuring that website information stays up-to-date



As you learn the nitty-gritty of online entrepreneurship, you will pick up additional valuable skills along the line that are not necessarily simple to categorize but are still highly valuable.

Here are just a few of them.

143.   Virtual event support

144.   Setting up integrations

145.   Creating landing pages, splash pages, opt-in forms, etc.

146.   Keyword ranking reports

147.   Analytics reporting

148.   Graphic design

149.   Infographic design

150.   Setting up affiliate programs (using WordPress)

151.   Monitoring online reviews

152.   Monitoring industry news

153.   Summarizing the latest research findings that pertain to the client’s niche

Bonus Tips

This is an extensive and valuable list of Virtual Assistant tasks, but it by no means exhaustive.

If for example, you have additional technical skills or expertise with specific or specialized software or marketing method, use that to target clients who need support in that area.

And if you find that you most enjoy one or two aspects of your client work, consider focusing on those things.

As you gain more experience as a Virtual Assistant, study what your clients are always doing with the time you free up for them. Learn their business strategies and the tools they use.

The more you know the way your client run their business, the more you will be able to help them. And there’s a very good chance that you can transfer the knowledge and skills to other clients, as well.

By picking up new skills, understanding business systems and structures at a bird’s-eye level, and/or specializing in one or two specific areas, you make yourself even more marketable.

This way, you will increase your value and command higher rates, and you will be better equipped to run your own business successfully.


The length of this list might seem vast and overwhelming, but don’t think that you have to do it all right away! Start with a few offerings and build your list of applicable services over time and as you get to know your clients.

Now that you can tell what services you can offer, you may have some additional questions when it comes to starting and growing a Virtual Assistant business from scratch.

Just hit the comment section below and leave us a comment or use the contact form to send us an email if you need further help.

We’ll teach you the step-by-step process of launching and building a rock-solid business — from structuring your services through landing your first client.

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