8 Practical Ways To Improve Your Online Sales

8 Practical Ways To Improve Your Online Sales

How to you improve your online sales strategy – with the increasing democratization of internet access and the amenities that this environment offers, more and more people are investing in online sales and digital entrepreneurship. 

This is because normally this type of enterprise is simpler, can operate with a lower initial investment, and expands quickly from the correct efforts.

Unlike a physical business, in which the customer enters the store, negotiates face to face with you and already takes the product on time, on the internet the process is a little different. 

That is why it is so important that entrepreneurs apply effective techniques to attract and convince the visitor, until he completes the purchase.

Unfortunately, selling on the internet is still a hardship for many people, and it can end up hurting business as a whole. 

So, to help you have a digital business focused on offering the highest conversion rate possible, we have prepared this complete article! 

Here you will find tips that will prepare your business to have excellent sales online and discover 8 techniques to apply and be more successful.

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How to Sell Over the Internet

Many people have an incredible, really valuable business idea, but when they do, it becomes a failure. Why does it happen? There is no definitive answer, but in most cases, these businesses fail for lack of proper planning.

The first step in good planning is the realization of a Good Business Plan. Through it, you will better understand the market you want to enter, study the behavior of customers, and of course, always be prepared for the most diverse situations. 

After all, it doesn’t matter if you are creating a store to sell products or if you are going to offer service: from the beginning you need to think about how your online sales process will be, thinking in terms of speech, marketing, attraction, possible difficulties, time and others factors.

Below are some tips for getting your project off to a good start in terms of planning.

Ways To Improve Your Online Sales

Selling to a Niche

Did you have an incredible business idea? Great. So, in addition to making a business plan, filling out a canvas and doing all this strategic part, something very important to think about is: what is my niche?

Today, the internet is home to people with the most varied tastes and interests and betting on niche markets is essential if you want to be successful. 

After all, people increasingly value personalization and specific products and services, and whoever meets their expectations comes out ahead.

Therefore, when choosing a market to act in, analyze your current situation – if it is not a red ocean – and, if possible, work with “sub-markets” or niches. They are full of opportunities for those who want to undertake.

And clicking here gives you a special guide for working with niche markets. Check out!

Define Your Persona

Once your niche has been chosen, you may have already managed to vaguely imagine who your audience will be. But, I’m sorry to tell you, just that is not enough.

To sell any product or service, you need to know your potential customers deeply. So, creating a buyer persona is an excellent way to outline more assertive marketing and sales strategies and, consequently, increase your profits.

And What is a Persona?

A persona is basically a profile that represents your ideal customer. To build this profile, you must deeply analyze your customers and prospects and answer a series of questions such as: how old are these people,

what are their interests, problems, and needs, what do they like or dislike, in which networks they are, what they consume in terms of content, etc?

In the end, you’ll have a valuable guide on your customers and be able to base your entire strategy on it, seeking more conversions. After all, it is much easier to sell something to someone you know, isn’t it? 

His argument becomes more complete and profound, there is better identification of problems and needs, and his speech becomes much more effective.

To create a persona, we recommend that you take a look at this article here, In it, you find the step by step to assemble the profile of your ideal client and have more success!

Have a Logistics Plan

Along with defining the niche and persona of your business, an extremely important point is to ensure that your online sales are based on excellent planning.

When you decide to market a product or service on the internet, it is not enough to just put your website up and wait for things to work themselves out. 

You need to have planning and thinking about how all stages of the sales journey work. 

You probably already started doing this during the development of the business plan or filling in the canvas,

but you need to go into the details and develop this specific part of sales further. 

Making a Marketing plan will also be essential.

Think that you need to define the following things: how will my potential customer be attracted to my website? 

Will I invest in content, set up a blog, and work with social networks? Which networks will I use? Will I have money to invest in ads?

Right after that, you need to think about how you will relate to your potential customer and keep them in touch with your brand. Will you work with a lead capture strategy? 

Are you going to use remarketing? Will you offer a special offer to the visitor? Think that you need to keep your business alive and relevant to people.

How will the process of making a sale go? Will the prospect need to speak to a seller to make the purchase, or will they buy directly from the website? 

What payment methods will be accepted? And how will this payment be made? After the sale, what will be the delivery time for the service, content or product to the customer? 

It is necessary to think a lot about this logistics, be it digital or physical, and make all points of it very clear with the customer, to avoid complaints.

And finally, what will post-sales be like? This is a very neglected process, but, at the same time, very important to build customer loyalty and generate a recurring demand for your products, content, or services. 

After the purchase, will there be a feedback system for the service and what was delivered? 

Will you provide a tutorial or good practice manual for people to make better use of what you have sold? 

How will you maintain your relationship with your customer?

Establishing and recording all of this will be extremely important for your business to be successful with online sales and have no surprises during its realization process.

In this material on startups, you can understand more about the processes needed to start a business. Worth checking out!

8 Strategies to Improve Your Online Sales

If you are putting together your planning or want to improve your online sales you already have today, we have 8 strategic tips that you can implement to achieve success. Check out:

Have an Excellent Sales Website to improve your sales

1. Have an Excellent Sales Website

Keep in mind: if you are selling online, your website is your store! Again making an analogy with physical stores, what is your reaction when you enter an establishment and notice that it is confused, disorganized, insecure and ugly? 

You feel suspicious, you have difficulty finding what you want and you certainly won’t want to complete the purchase, right? The same logic applies to the internet.

Buying online is still an action that leaves many people unsure, so invest in overcoming these difficulties. Thus, you increase your chances of selling and gain the trust and loyalty of customers.

And how to do that?

  • Invest in security!
    • Show the customer that your environment is safe for online transactions. Some companies offer website protection services, analyze where your store is vulnerable and block attacks. By increasing the customer’s sense of security, you are much more likely to make the sale!
  • Have a responsive, functional website with good navigability
    • In addition to the product you are selling, the user experience during purchase contributes – a lot – to customer loyalty. Try to eliminate bugs, unnecessary registration data and any other aspects that may hinder the purchase process. Leave the site clean, easy to understand, check that all the links are working and, of course, beautiful!
  • Build a visually attractive website
    • Take care of the first impression! In the online environment, it is much easier for a customer to give up the purchase. You will not create a store with a lime green background and red letters that will tire the eyes of potential customers, right? Avoid small, low-resolution images, fonts with bad colors and excessive ads.
  • Mobile Friendly
    • Nowadays, most people access the internet through smartphones . With that in mind, invest in a version of your online store that is easy to load and navigate on portable devices such as cell phones and tablets!

If you want to work at home selling simple Ebooks, This post has it all. 

2. Create a Friendly Relationship With Your Customers

This is a very important point in any sales process and, especially, in the case of improving your online sales. 

Do a little exercise of imagination with me: when you go to a physical store, how do you like to be treated? 

Do you like the salespeople to stand behind you as watchmen trying to push you through all the products or to serve you in a bad mood or lazily? 

Of course not! So why should you do this on your website or in your communication strategy?

Likewise, people who buy online like to establish a friendly relationship with those who are going to sell them something and run away from those who think only about profit and the completion of the transaction. 

Therefore, establish a relationship of friendship and trust with your potential customers. 

Show that more than money, you want to meet their needs, solve problems and deliver a great experience with your content, services or products. 

That way the visitor will feel more secure, see your brand as an ally, and the chances that he will buy from you will increase a lot!

And how to do that?

  • Avoid excessive use of unnecessary pop-ups. Try to offer offers of content relevant to the customer, coupons or tests and free samples of what you are selling.
  • Send content and quality tips by email so that the customer understands how they can solve their problems.
  • Bet on remarketing focused on relationship and content.
  • Offer advice on your product or service. This will increase customer confidence at the time of purchase.

3. Don’t Promise What You Can’t Keep

This rule basically speaks for itself. Do not sell “pig in a poke” and do not try to deceive your customer at any time. 

Be clear throughout the  sales process  and prevent your customer from being disappointed with your company or the product, content or service delivered.

Remember that the internet is an environment in which messages spread very quickly and that a customer complaint can take on huge proportions very quickly. You must prevent this from happening in all possible ways.

And how to do that?

  • Never offer something that you don’t have . Always check stocks to avoid situations where the customer finalizes the purchase to find out after the product is out of stock.
  • Give details of your products , services or, in the case of content, make it clear what it is about, what level it is indicated for, what duration and applicability.
  • Be sincere about delivery times , freight charges and other bureaucracies, if they exist.
  • If there is a problem with the delivery of what the customer has purchased, be sincere and demonstrate that you are willing to resolve , do not make excuses.

4. Be Connected to the Customer in a Variety of Ways and Be Human in order to Improve Your Online Sales

In online sales, you shouldn’t be close to the customer just at the time of purchase. While he is still considering this action, you can keep in touch with him and create a healthy relationship of friendship and trust, as we have already mentioned. 

Invest in Digital Marketing as a strategy to improve your online sales

People like to know that there is someone real behind the brands and all the technology, so offering a humanized service and monitoring to your visitors is essential. 

For this, you can use different means that go beyond your website or content portal. So you reinforce your brand and show that you want to be present not only to sell, but to help.

And how to do that?

  • Implementing chats and contact forms on your website and responding to all messages quickly and helpfully.
  • Working interactively on your social networks .
  • Send emails using a person’s name instead of your brand.
  • Be friendly and close in all your communication.

5. Invest in Digital Marketing

A good online sales strategy is always linked to a good digital marketing strategy. This is because it is digital marketing that will make people reach your product, service or content and will make them more attractive for purchase. 

Investing in digital marketing is essential for any online business and you should not overlook this point.

And how to do it:

  • Study about marketing and digital marketing.
  • Understand which techniques and strategies are best for your business.
    • Study your audience, your customers, and their buying habits. If possible, try to suit what they expect and seek.
  • Work with social networks.
    • Social networks can and should be great allies to improve sales, especially these days. Virtually everyone who accesses the internet regularly has an account on a social network – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. In fact, several of these social networks have specific tools for companies.
  • If possible, invest in a content marketing strategy.

6. Use videos

Videos have become very popular in recent years. Investing in the production of these materials is essential for any online sales strategy. They are able to assist you in several points that we have already mentioned:

They make your communication closer and more dynamic, they are excellent for demonstrating and explaining your services and products, they have more reach and engagement on social networks and are great to  use in all stages of the digital marketing .

Basically, videos are extremely versatile tools that can assist in various online sales processes. Look at how you can embed them on your website:

  • Product description videos: Use the videos to better show the product and its features. A visual description attracts much more than writing!
  • Tutorial videos: Explain how to use the products and eliminate insecurities before purchase!
  • Brand presentation: Show the website visitor who you are and what is your differential. Use videos to make a good first impression and get more attention from the future customer.
  • FAQ: You can also record a video by answering frequently asked questions about the product. This attention to the customer who has already bought from you helps with loyalty and you may end up answering someone else’s question.

And how to do that?

  • Make a script and plan the videos.
  • Choose your camera and enjoy the lighting.
  • Record your audio in full quality.
  • Edit the video, if necessary.
  • Promote in the best way in emails, blogs, social networks, your website and etc.

7. Always Think About SEO

For a business to be successful, it is important that the public is able to reach it and find it easily on the internet, mainly by searching. And for that, investing in SEO is extremely important! 

In case you don’t know what SEO is, these little letters mean Search Engine Optimization and are a set of techniques that, when applied to a content, page, or website, make them more easily found by Google and other search engines.

Search traffic is usually extremely qualified and is free! Therefore, work with SEO in your business and guarantee the top positions in the main search engines to improve sales.

And how to do that?

  • Research key words and terms that relate to your business and make a plan to use them on your website and content in general.
  • Make headlines and descriptions attractive for your portal and its contents, using keywords and thinking about customers’ needs – how they would search for your business or what it offers.
  • Invest in partnerships that can guarantee you some links to your site.

8. Work Well After Sales

Last but not least, to increase your online sales, you must  continue to captivate even those who have already purchased  your products, content and who have hired your service. 

This may seem unnecessary, but it is extremely important. After all, who is already a customer of your company can buy more often if you have had a good experience, can refer your business to friends and acquaintances with the same needs and can also offer valuable feedbacks about your sales process. This will help you to be more and more effective. So, enjoy this step well!

And how to do that?

  • Send emails with the person’s option to rate or give feedback on the purchase.
    • If possible, include a feedback and evaluation section on your website, so that a new customer will have a better sense of what the product actually looks like and what the strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Show her content, products, or services related to what she purchased from your company.
  • Submit content with tips and tutorials to improve the use of what the customer has purchased.

Prepare for Success!

With good planning and applying all these tips, your online sales strategy has everything to be a success. It doesn’t matter if you offer content, products or services, the guidelines for establishing a good sales process are the same. Enjoy it!

Put your customer and his needs first, have a good sales website, create relationships and have a good marketing strategy for your business. This is the basics.

And now that you’ve seen it all, it’s time to start applying and improving your online sales! And for you to be even more successful, also read our practical guide below  and be sure to be inspired by the steps up there 🙂

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