How to Manage Business Momentum

How to Manage Business Momentum to Accelerate Growth (INFOGRAPHIC)

How do you manage business momentum to accelerate the growth of your business enterprise?

All of us do have times of fatigue where we lack the needed momentum and feel stuck in a rut.

Concerning the day to day running of our business enterprise, not having momentum is far from the ideal and is not favorable to the growth of our business.

So, how do we move on when fatigue kicks in and times appear difficult?

To give us the right motivation in our state of feeling stuck in the rut, MBACentral has actually come up with a ‘Managing Momentum’ infographic.

MBACentral is focused on providing resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Its infographic highlights some important actionable steps entrepreneurs and business owners can take to get and manage business momentum and leave a rut.

How to Manage Business Momentum

This reveals the importance of managing momentum. It is noted that 88% of employees who spends at least an hour of work hours every day procrastinating on their daily task.

Postponing jobs ultimately cause heightened sensations of stress, health problem, and lower quality of work.

It is by constant day-to-day action that positive momentum is gotten, consequently minimizing stressful feelings.

Be Proactive

The infographic underlines the value of being proactive and identifies that most problems or issues are frequently made to feel more difficult than they actually are.

Leaving things unattended to can mean that jobs or tasks are been piled up and thereby making it even more difficult, challenging and intimidating.

Live in the Moment

The infographic likewise displays the importance of living in the present. Your unwillingness to live in the moment and reach your goals today will make them more difficult to accomplish later on.

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Good Things Come from Negatives

Another essential message from MBACentral’s infographic on how to manage business momentum is the significance of turning negatives into positives. It estimates the words of Nassem Nicholas Taleb, author of ‘Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder’: “Some things take advantage of shocks; they flourish and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors … Anti-fragility is beyond resilience or toughness. The resilient withstands shocks and remains the exact same; the antifragile improves and gets better.”

Re-emerging After a Setback

The infographic maps out methods in which small businesses can re-emerge after an obstacle or setback. The very first step to manage business momentum is to recognize that something went wrong.

Such acknowledgment empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to take control of a tough condition.

Businesses must also of necessity reset their outlook. Rather than seeing setbacks as a deterrent, they ought to utilize them as a lesson and as inspiration.

According to MBACentral, entrepreneurs and business owners need to improve themselves and their businesses by at least 1% each day. In 70 days’ time, they will be two times as exceptional as they are now.

Set Goals to Manage Business Momentum

The infographic states the significance of developing goals. It recommends readers to start with a dream about their goals.

To ensure the goal is encouraging and motivating, people need to write down the reasons why it’s important and significant to them.

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Make Lists to Manage Business Momentum

The infographic further highlighted the value of making lists. It mentions a study that shows that making a plan to get jobs done can lower the anxiety of having unfinished ‘to do’s’.

Lists also serve as concrete reminders of everything achieved in a day, week, or month/year.

Entrepreneurs should take measurable action. Such action needs to include accurate amounts and dates to help measure the degree of success.

Steps and goals must start with the easiest job. With one job ‘ticked off’, the next one must be easier to accomplish.

Eventually, the momentum to finish other goals quicker and more effectively will be produced.

Use Tech to Help Manage Business Momentum

The infographic points to using tech as a way of assisting businesses to accomplish their goals and sustain momentum.

For instance, the Trello app assists users track projects and tasks with easy-to-use lists.

Procraster is another app listed on the Infographic. It provides guidance on how to overcome procrastination based upon a specific frame of mind.

Check out the full infographic on managing business momentum from and

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