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The Law of Attraction – What is it and Does it Work?

When you hear someone talk about their success with the Law of Attraction or The Secret, that means you have probably witnessed someone who is passionate and excited describing what seems like impossible magic.

Read on to get answers to all your questions about this seemingly magical system, and how well it really works.

Law of Attraction fans will tell you that their wildest dreams easily come true, and positive thinking makes it happen.

But how does it work? And why is it so mysterious?

Let’s start by looking at one fairly basic piece of advice when it comes to the way you think. This will serve as a nice opener that will show you just what a difference altering your thought patterns can make.

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We’ll get onto the more advanced stuff further on, as well as how you can go about actually enforcing new thinking patterns. For now, though, let this be a nice little example.

What is the Law of Attraction?

 The ‘law of attraction’ is a popular term that describes the process through which acting a certain way or holding certain beliefs can actually change your reality.

At its most basic level, the law of attraction states that ‘as you think, so you become’. Likewise, as you become, so you become more.

But what on Earth does that mean?

Okay, let’s take an example. If you wanted to become the youngest ever manager with the highest ever salary in the organization you work for, what would you do?

An excellent place to start would be to start believing you were already the top performing candidate in your organization and the most valuable member of your team. Believe it and live it and within a short amount of time, it will happen.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it actually makes a lot of sense once you get down to the mechanisms of how the process operates so read on and we’ll get into the meat of it.

How Does the Law of Attraction Works

 Have you ever noticed that money begets money? As in, the wealthier you are, the more easily you’ll be able to accrue more wealth. Even if that just means investing your money, simply having cash means you have the means to have more cash.

The same thing goes for many aspects of life. For instance, if you have tons of nice stuff, you may well find that you acquire more nice stuff. Why? Because people will give you nicer things.

Again this doesn’t seem to make sense until you break it down. Imagine you’re giving a gift to someone super wealthy who has everything they could possibly want.

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What do you buy for the man or the woman who has everything?

In order for your gift to be something they would want and something they would need, you’d have to get really creative and probably spend a ton of money meaning they’d get a really high-quality gift.

This is why we give nicer and better things to people who already have tons of stuff. It’s ironic really because it means that we buy nicer things for people who don’t need them. The people who could do with a little extra nice stuff just get cheapo presents!

That is the law of attraction: like attracts like. If you want more of something, you need to get some of it – or you need to act as though you’ve already got it.

The Law of Attraction and Your Success

 So how does this apply to career success?

Well, let’s imagine you want to climb the ladder at your place of work and become the top performing member of staff on your team.

To do that, you would have to start believing you were already super successful and behaving that way as a result.

This might mean getting a great haircut, dressing smarter, walking with your head held high, putting yourself forward for things and speaking with authority.

This is why people say things like ‘dress for the job you want’. It makes a difference.

Can you see how that might help you to achieve more?

When you look confident and act like someone who is incredibly valuable, you will instantly inspire more faith in people. Your superiors will thus be more likely to put you up for important jobs, to consider you for career advancement and to give you praise and financial rewards.

Likewise, the rest of your team would be more likely to defer to you and to come to you for advice (which your superiors would notice). You’d also take more risks owing to your inflated confidence and business is all about taking measured risks.

You’d probably enjoy your job more too if you thought you were better at it, which would result in you being more productive, more engaged and more switched on.

Ever heard of a flow state? This is a neurochemical reaction that is characterized by the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, anandamide and other neurotransmitters that help you feel focused, engaged and happy.

When you believe in what you’re doing, believe in yourself without doubts and are passionate about your job, you will get into this state much more often and more easily.

You’ll even speak with more authority and present better.

By just believing you are the top dog in your organization you could transform yourself overnight from another employee into the hottest upcoming executive.

The Law of Attraction and Dating

 This is even truer in the world of dating and it’s something that pickup artists are highly aware of. If you want to thrive on the dating scene and really start playing above your league, then you need to make sure you believe you are an amazing catch. That alone will make you into the guy or girl who manages to attract anyone they want.

This is something we know intuitively. Studies show us that it does not look that have the biggest impact on dating success but confidence.

That’s because we all want to date someone who we think is a catch and who other people will think is a catch. We also want to date people who will protect our offspring and provide for our families in one way and another.

That means we need someone powerful. And people who act confidence appear powerful.

One ‘pickup artist’ technique is something called ‘peacocking’. Here you walk around with a funny hat on or a bright pink tie generally making an idiot of yourself. The reason this works is that it attracts attention but moreover it also makes you look confident.

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Why? Because someone with the guts to wear something so ridiculous must have reason to be confident and they must not be seeking approval from others. That means they must be ‘top dog’ and an alpha male or female.

Dating success is about looking the part and approaching people with an attractive confidence that sends the signal that ‘yes, I am an amazing catch’.

The Problem With the Law of Attraction

 That all sounds great doesn’t it? Probably you’re now thinking about ditching your old outfit, getting a haircut and practicing walking upright and speaking with authority.

That way you can have a great career and a great love life and everything will fall into place.

That’s great and all but it won’t work. If it did, this would be a very short post…

Why? Because it needs to come from within. You need to actually believe the way you’re acting and not just be acting.

This is the mistake that far too many people will make when they’re trying to use the law of attraction to their advantage.

People think that they can just start dressing smarter and making their voice sound deeper and louder and suddenly they’ll get what they want.

Too often than not, this results in nothing but embarrassment. Have you ever seen someone who is trying to be something they’re not?

Someone who wants so desperately to be ‘slick’ but who lacks the self-awareness to realize when that’s not how they’re coming across?

We’ve all seen people who brag about how much they drink, who try to act cocky around us and who flash their cash around… but who everyone else just feels kind of embarrassed for. It isn’t pretty and it’s also a pretty good way to get your front teeth knocked out.

That’s the thing. People can really tell the difference between someone who is genuinely confident, powerful and full of self-belief versus someone who is play acting.

In order to truly succeed you need to actually believe – not just act like you do.

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