Instagram for Business How to Use a Business Account to Boost your Sales.

Instagram for Business: How to Use a Business Account to Boost your Sales.

Instagram for business can serve as a valuable marketing tool for your business if utilize properly.

Instagram’s numbers grow daily, showing the potential that this social network has to reach users and influence people. 

In addition to the fun that the network makes possible for ordinary users. the use of Instagram for business can be a very interesting strategy for organizations. 

There are several tools and features that companies can use within Instagram to be closer to their audience, sell more, make themselves better known in the market, or to achieve any goal they want. 

From stories, reel, IGTV, posts in the feed, to targeted advertisements, there are many possibilities, but many companies still don’t know how to take advantage of all these advantages. 

It’s your turn to get ahead and use Instagram for business as a powerful tool within your entire digital marketing strategy

Don’t know how to use Instagram to achieve your goals? Smoothly! In this post we will explain how to get the most out of this social network. 

How to Create an Instagram for Business? 

The first step is the simplest of all: you will need a smartphone and will have to download the Instagram app from your device’s store, be it Google Play, for Android phones, or Apple Store, for iOS devices. 

After downloading the app, create an account with email and password. Account created, you will need to customize it. 

This is an extremely important part, as any customization you make to your account can impact the results to be achieved. 

At this stage, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips that will optimize your profile. We have separated the main ones below: 

1. Username:

Instagram for Business - Account name
Account Name

Try to use the same name as other social networks of your company, so it will be easier for your audience to also find you on Instagram and for your company to maintain a digital uniqueness. 

Remember that the name must be easy to type, to avoid mistakes and frustrated users for not being able to locate the account.

2. Profile Photo: 

Instagram for Business - profile picture
Profile Picture

When it comes to Instagram for business, the ideal would be to use your brand’s logo, so it’s easier to generate public identification. 

However, new digital strategies have been betting on figures, whether people or mascots, to represent their brands. 

A good example is Magazine Luiza’s digital character Magalu. If your company has a mascot already known to the public, a good idea is to use it in the profile photo.

3. Description: 

Instagram for Business - Bio

The description is the small text that will appear below your name, within your profile. In this step, create a short description, which goes straight to the point, but is easily understandable. 

The main tip is to write briefly about what your business is and include hashtags that you want to associate with your company. 

4. Follow Profiles: 

Instagram works in a simple way: the content that appears in people’s feeds is content generated by profiles they follow, in addition to content sponsored by brands. 

In this way, participate in the dynamics of Instagram following profiles of influence in your segment, consolidated customers, long-standing partners and even other organizations that have relevance. 

Following other profiles helps give visibility to your own profile, showing that your brand has a digital presence within the network. 

In addition, take the time to like and comment on publications that are interesting, so your visibility also increases. 

5. Show that your Brand is on Instagram: 

Instagram for Business - website and contact details
website and contact details

Account created, full description and profile ready, it’s time to announce that your brand is on Instagram. 

Search for the means of communication that your company already uses to disclose to your customers and potential customers your profile on the social network. 

Post the news on other social networks of your company, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and include the Instagram logo, with the link to your profile, within the emails that the company sends to contacts, be it newsletter, e-more transactional, etc. 

How to Create Content on an Instagram for Business?

If your brand wants to have a strong Instagram profile, planning is necessary. An individual account on Instagram does not follow plans and posts random content, but an Instagram profile for business must have a well-defined calendar and well-designed strategies. 

Instagram has algorithms that analyze the profiles on the platform all the time. This algorithm does quick analysis to check what the profiles are doing and decide if the content generated by them will be shown to which followers. 

It is possible to think of strategies that will be well regarded by the Instagram algorithm and thus your brand will have positive results, reaching more people. Here are some tips: 

1. Keep an eye on the frequency and posting times: Instagram for Business

At the beginning of an Instagram account for companies, you will need to do some tests. Post content on different days and times and make an analysis of what content performed best. 

This analysis is necessary because the audience for each profile is different, some access Instagram more during weekends, others during working days, for example. 

Discover the behavior of your audience and rely on them to plan new publications. Remember to do these analyzes constantly, as with new followers arriving, the reality may change and the strategy will need to be changed. 

2. Choose topics that generate engagement: Instagram for Business

Your profile posts should be content that is really relevant to the audience. Publications without relevance not general engagement, that is, there will be few likes, comments and saves,

so the Instagram algorithm can understand that your profile is not relevant and stop showing it to followers. 

Just like the tests carried out in the first topic, also take tests to find out which are the themes that the audience engages the most. 

At this stage the important thing is not to forget your company’s niche! It is no use being a health company and posting fatty foods just because they will give you more likes, for example. 

Preserve your origins and seek to publish content that will bring more reach. 

3. Create a style: Instagram for Business

Visit large profiles of famous brands and even digital influencers with millions of followers. Only with a quick analysis will it be possible to see what they all have in common: each has its own style. 

This style can appear in various ways, such as in the colors of the photos, in the use of borders in posts, in more formal, informal captions or using emojis, in the most used hashtags, among other things. 

Establishing your own style for your brand profile is important to make it unique on the social network and for it to be easily recognized. 

4. Engage to generate engagement: Instagram for Business

The secret to the popularity of an Instagram account for business is to generate engagement. 

The more followers who engage with published content, the more people will be reached and even more engagement will be generated. 

To start this cycle don’t wait for people to come to you, go to them using your company profile. 

Like photos, leave comments on posts, follow interesting profiles and don’t forget to also answer the comments that followers make on your photos and interact authentically on the network. 


Instagram for business is a powerful tool for any business. When used well, the network can be essential within a digital marketing strategy. 

Interacting with your customers, reaching potential consumers and positioning your brand in the digital environment are just some of the many advantages that Instagram for business has. 

If you already have an account on the platform, be sure to follow our tips to generate more engagement, get new followers and reach more and more people. 

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