Airbnb – A $30 Billion Company In 9 Years

The growth of Airbnb in such a short space of time has been staggering. This infographic from Half Price takes you through some of the milestones in the growth of Airbnb and it began like many companies in a very simple way.

Two of the founders couldn’t afford to pay rent so they turned their loft in a living area offering guests a mattress, a night’s sleep, and a breakfast.

The first three guests paid $240 in total and from there the idea was born.

They could never have envisaged that it would become the company it did.

But they knew that the idea was something people would be interested in.

From there, they did receive several rounds of important funding; helping them to turn their business into a reality.

That’s the interesting thing about business sometimes, a great idea is only a great idea if you have the money to turn it into a reality.

The team at Airbnb were lucky in that sense as the funding they’ve received over the last 9 years was vital to their growth.

Find out more in the infographic!


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