wisdom quotes

Wisdom Quotes – Don’t Confuse Me with Facts

A man is convinced he’s dead. His wife tells him he’s not dead. His kids tell him he’s not dead. His friends tell him he’s not dead. But he still insists he is. Finally, at their wits’ end, the family talks him into seeing a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist decides that …

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6 Essential Elements Of Small Business Elevator Pitch

6 Essential Elements of Small Business Elevator Pitch

“A great elevator pitch can be the one thing that launches your startup business from vague garage-based business to a fully-funded market-busting mac”. – Bianca Male Picture this scenario: You visited a friend’s office and as you enter the building’s elevator, you recognize an African entrepreneur and billionaire, Tony Elumelu. …

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write a business plan

How to Write a Business Plan

Thinking of building a business or to expand the one you’re already running and needs to write a business plan? … Read on while I take you through a step by step process of what you need to know and do. It is pertinent to note that the success of …

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