This Section of our services deals mainly with individual and companies aiming to do business in NIGERIA. for other countries around the world, we will give you all the necessary INFORMATION and STEPS needed to get your business registered successfully.

At Ini Patrick Notes, our devoted and experienced consultants make doing business in Nigeria easy by providing custom-made innovative business support and information services designed to help you start, grow and ensure the success of your business in Nigeria.

With our local knowledge of Nigeria, we will assist you to navigate the Nigerian business environment by providing you with advice on legal, corporate and business risks associated with doing business in Nigeria. We can also help you to identify prospective business partners and conduct due diligence on them.

We would manage the company registration process and provide you with IT support by assisting you to register your domain name online at the same time which would ensure that your business name is protected.

Registering or incorporating your company gives you some legal backing as a business entity to carry out business in Nigeria. There are various forms of business structure to choose from and each structure depends on many things like tax, ownership, size, type of business among other things.

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We also offer the following Services

For your professional business plan, professional web development services, business writing services or you need a small business consultant to carry out a market research, feasibility studies, business consulting, or any other business needs.

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