What You Need to Know About Mobile Messaging & GDPR

What You Need to Know About Mobile Messaging & GDPR (Infographic)

Have you considered Mobile Messaging & GDPR as part of your marketing strategy?

in this infographic, we offer advice on how to ensure that your mobile messaging strategy is fully GDPR-proofed.

GDPR: A Brief Introduction

The General Data Protection Regulation (or, GDPR) aims to safeguard the privacy and data protection rights of all European citizens.

Under GDPR, organisations have a responsibility to process personal data in a way that is fully transparent and secure.

This regulation applies to any organisation that processes the data of EU citizens, no matter where they are based. It also gives individuals more of a say as to how their data is used by organisations and businesses.

How Is GDPR Enforced?

So far, 25 EU member states have adopted the required national data protection legislation. Individuals can file GDPR breaches with the relevant data protection body in their country. Since the roll-out of GDPR in May 2018, a total of 144,376 queries and complaints have been made to all data protection authorities in Europe. Businesses are also compelled to report any data breaches within 72 hours if they have a harmful effect on user privacy. Companies that are found to be in breach of GDPR are penalized with a large fine of €20 million or up to 4% of their annual global turnover.

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Why Do you Need to GDPR-Proof Your Mobile Messaging?

While many people focus on the punitive aspects of GDPR, it is ultimately there to help organisations by holding them to a higher standard when it comes to data protection.

One of the natural offshoots of GDPR compliance is that it helps to establish better data hygiene practices, and this can result in lower IT costs and a better quality of data.

Also, GDPR-proofing your business is a great way to demonstrate to your customer base that you care about their rights.

Making Your Mobile Messaging More GDPR-Friendly

If you want to ensure that your mobile messaging communications business strategy is fully GDPR-compliant, then you may want to take a look at the infographic below which comes courtesy of the team at Cadoo. This guide includes a lot of helpful information, including:

  • A short explainer of GDPR
  • A summary of peoples’ rights under GDPR
  • A brief outline of the benefits of GDPR-compliance
  • Ten tips on how to make your mobile messaging communications more GDPR-friendly

Scroll down to the infographic to learn more today.

Mobile Messaging & GDPR
Source: Cadoo

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