Wisdom Quotes - Feet of Clay

Wisdom Quotes – Feet of Clay

Two half-drunk guys are in a bar at the top of a skyscraper. The first guy says, “You know, I believe that if I had just one more beer, I could fly.” The other guy says, “That’s impossible!” “No, really,” says the first guy. He orders another beer and drinks …

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Wisdom Quotes - the big picture

Wisdom Quotes – The Big Picture

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.” —Steven Covey  A few minutes into a morning flight from Johannesburg to Harare, the passengers were startled by a sudden jolt. The captain came on the intercom and announced, “No need for alarm, folks. We lost an engine, but …

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wisdom quotes

Wisdom Quotes – Don’t Confuse Me with Facts

A man is convinced he’s dead. His wife tells him he’s not dead. His kids tell him he’s not dead. His friends tell him he’s not dead. But he still insists he is. Finally, at their wits’ end, the family talks him into seeing a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist decides that …

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great expectations

The Irony of Great Expectations

Great Expectations An eighty-year-old man was at the doctor’s office for his annual checkup. The doctor asked him how he was feeling. “Never better,” the man replied. “I’ve got a twenty-year-old bride and she’s pregnant with my child. What do you think of that, Doc?” The doctor thought for a …

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leave me a loan

Leave Me a Loan

Leveraging New Ways of Doing Things in form of a Loan  A wealthy woman goes into a New York City bank to ask for a loan. She tells the loan officer that she’s going on vacation and needs to borrow $5,000. “Well,” says the banker, “do you have anything you …

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The force of habit

The Power Behind the Force of Habit

The Force of Habit Read this story about the force of habit and learn the lesson and punchline Two old pirates were sitting at a bar, talking about their adventures. “So,” said one pirate, “how’d ye get that metal hook for a hand?” “We were ransacking a merchant ship in …

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the big picture - wisdom quotes

Success in Life – Business Wisdom

Success in Life…   Everybody has his or her own definition of success. What is yours? here is mine: “When you have achieved a balance in your personal, family, and business life by a maximum utilization of your abilities which has brought rewards to you in your physical, mental, and …

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