Our website and blog development services help our clients to Maximize their website’s creative potential and Increase their power of online presence by building a more flexible website and/or blog for their businesses.

These days it seems that almost anyone can make a website, but not all websites are created equal. The truth is, building a website isn’t that hard.

But building a website correctly – so that it loads quickly so that it renders on all media properly including mobile devices and tablets.

So that search engines can efficiently read and index your site so that it will grow as your organization does – that’s a completely different story, which is why we are exceptional.

If you’re ready to take your web presence to the next level and are looking for a web developer you can trust to steer you in the right direction, take a deeper look at our web development services below, or contact us to set up your online presence.

Summary of my Blogging Development Services include…

  • Basic Blog Setup

If you are thinking of Starting a blog, I can help you with all the basic steps involved, such as registering your domain, purchasing a hosting plan, installing WordPress, theme and the necessary plugins, which will make your blogging journey enjoyable.

This will prepare you to start blogging the right way.

Price: N25, 000 (this covers domain registration, hosting, and blog setup)

  •  Advanced blog setup

This is an extension of the basic blog setup services, and it includes more services like blog customization, Site optimization, social media integration, autoresponder integration etc.

In addition to setting up your blog, I will do the following:

  • Advice on the best niche considering both your passion and interest and the availability of a huge audience
  • Write an epic blog plan for your online business that will help you achieve your dreams
  • Conduct extensive keyword research to find out what your visitors expect from you
  • Show you how to generate hot topic ideas that will engage your readers and keep them coming back for more
  • Map out strategies for growing your traffic consistently
  • Show you various ways of monetizing your blog
  • Educate you on common blogging mistakes

Price: N40, 000

  • Website Development

Here we ensure that your company web presence is top-notch. Our web development team can help you craft an elegant web design that fits your brand. Request for a quote using the form below.

  • Freelance Blogging (Management) Services

Whether you are a busy executive or finding it hard to stay updated with your blogging activities. Worry less because I can help you do the dirty job of maintaining your blog, posting fresh and high-quality content and ensuring your blog yields the needed interest and also maximize profits. Use the form below so we can get started.

  • Other Blogging Services includes Blog Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, and Blog review, and improvement

We also offer the following Services

For your professional business plan, professional web development services, business writing services or you need a small business consultant to carry out a market research, feasibility studies, business consulting, or any other business needs.

kindly fill the form below and let’s discuss your business need. or send an email with a request to iinipatrick@mail.com or call +234 (0) 8054035017. 

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