7 business lessons from watching football

7 Business Lessons I Learned From Watching Football

The game of Football is the only unifying factor among different nations, tribes, religion etc, and it comes with various business lessons embedded in it. Often many people who do not understand the passion for football do question why thousands of people will gather in a stadium to watch 22 …

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AYEEN 2018 registration - African Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria’

AYEEN 2018 Registration – Raising Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs

AYEEN 2018 Registration is now open for the fourth edition of the African Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria’s (AYEEN) for 2018 entrepreneurship program. AYEEN is an idea conceived to effectively affect the business space and entrepreneurial minds of young Nigerians. The conception in the past years has led to the identification …

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how to run a small business

How to Run a Small Business enterprise

Thinking about how to run a small business that will be profitable and successful? Sit right back as I take you on a journey of discovery. Today, I want to share with you what you need to know to run a profitable and successful small business, especially in today’s world …

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keys to business success

How to stretch for Business success

How to stretch for Business success Business success is tied to constantly evolving and being better than your earlier version through showing some spirit of excellence, going the extra mile and doing what most people tag as difficult. If you don’t keep stretching yourself for new ideas and higher heights, …

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Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurial Program

Tips On How To Fill The 2018 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurial Programme Form

It no longer news that the Tony Elumelu Foundation has started accepting applications for the 4th cycle of their ground-breaking Pan-African entrepreneurship development initiative, the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. In short today is the 26th day and thousands of applications are already in. my aim is to highlight a few things …

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The U.S. African Development Foundation USADF is inviting proposals from Africans for grant financing and local support, from African-owned enterprises, cooperatives, and producer groups with creative solutions that extend their own capabilities to increase revenues, create jobs, improve farmer incomes, and make sustainable market-based growth. USADF is an independent U.S. …

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Apply Now for the 2018 Edition of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program

Apply For The 2018 Edition of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is accepting applications for the 4th cycle of the ground-breaking Pan-African entrepreneurship development initiative, the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program, starting 1st of January 2018 at 12am (WAT) is expected to close on March 1, 2018. The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program, is an initiative of …

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Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online with Minimal Investments

In Today’s world, we don’t need to go out of the house to earn or make money online. A computer and World Wide Web give us opportunities for comfortably working from home. Wake up when you want, end your working day whenever you wish, and don’t have any authorities above …

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Airbnb – A $30 Billion Company In 9 Years

The growth of Airbnb in such a short space of time has been staggering. This infographic from Half Price takes you through some of the milestones in the growth of Airbnb and it began like many companies in a very simple way. Two of the founders couldn’t afford to pay …

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Success in Life

Success in Life – Business Wisdom

Success in Life…   Everybody has his or her own definition of success. What is yours? here is mine: “When you have achieved a balance in your personal, family, and business life by a maximum utilization of your abilities which has brought rewards to you in your physical, mental, and …

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Business Owner Challenge - Be the Least PersonBusiness Owner Challenge - Be the Least Person

Business Owner Challenge – Be the Least Person

Business Owner Challenge – Infographic In their pursuit to run their business in the exact way that they want it to be, a lot of business owners fall prey to the mistake of being the all-around guy on their business. – i.e. being the manager and supervisor of every single …

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one-page business plan

How to Write a One-Page Business Plan

Want to start a business venture, you can easily create a one–page business plan that visually represents your business opportunity. This is known as a business pitch but It’s the quickest way to get started on your business idea. Writing a business plan doesn’t have to be boring or complicated and it certainly doesn’t …

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how to write a 5-page business plan

How to Write a 5-Page Business Plan

In my state of thinking on how to further simplify the business plan, the idea of a 5-page business plan just surfaced. The overarching idea is to see how to get into five pages all that is really important in a business plan. As you know, One of the main …

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Financial Plan

The 3 Elements of a Financial Plan

The financial plan of the business plan always come last not because it is less important to other sections like the product and services, business description or even the Management team. But due to the fact that it is the engine room of your plan. It acts like the pulse, …

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Writing the Operations Section of your Business Plan

Writing the Operations Plan of your Business Plan

Operations are concerned with how you will run your business and deliver value to your customers. Operations are defined as the processes used to produce your products/services and deliver them to the marketplace. This can include manufacturing, sourcing raw materials, transportation, logistics, hiring labor, travel, printing, consulting, after-sales service, and …

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